Coastal Shipping Companies face Stiff Manpower Challenges

Tuesday / July 21, 2015

By Capt. Naresh Kalra

Compared to ocean going ship management companies, coastal ship management companies face stiffer challenges.  In terms of manpower resources the best of senior as well as young officers are taken away by international shipping companies.  A large pool of talent is employed by SCI, Great Offshore and the nearby gulf countries.

With a low budget, it is really difficult to get adequate quality in required numbers for manning coastal vessels, especially harbour management.  Earlier the tugs used to be up to 3000 horse power but today it has gone to 5000-6000 horse power.  This means, the bigger the tug, there is requirement for more qualified officers such as Class 1 engineers to work on these tugs.

(Quoted by Capt. Naresh Kalra in an interview to SNM Events, published in July-Aug 2013.)


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