ESPO Reviews 2011 White Paper on Transport

Friday / May 22, 2015

0_a916e_1a4a13a4_origIn the mid-term review of its 2011 White Paper on transport, the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) said that growing and clustered traffic volumes, larger ships and the cost of subsequent adaptation of port and port-hinterland infrastructure, and increasing market power of shipping alliances were the main challenges that the European ports were facing.

The ESPO also pointed out other areas of concern such as national budget control limiting the possibilities of open funding for transport infrastructure, volatility in energy prices, the transition to alternative fuels and entry into force of the stricter sulphur limits in ECA countries, an increasing public and environmental pressure, changes in shipping routes etc.

Simplicity and coordination between EU transport policy and other EU policies, a need for a long-term vision, and making sure that EU action is always assessed in a global context are the three guiding principles for ESPO to pave the way to a competitive and resource-efficient transport system.

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