General Cargo Ship Casanova Catches Fire in Palermo on Colombia’s North Coast

Thursday / November 17, 2016


The general cargo ship Casanova (1,450 dwt, built 1975) has gone up in flames while laid up for maintenance work in Palermo on Colombia’s north coast.

Palermo Port is on the outskirts of Barranquilla and on the Magdalena River. The vessel was laid up there in August and listed for sale but the extensive damage caused by the blaze changes that picture.

Witnesses said they thought the fire began in the engine room after a short circuit in a diesel generator and spread through the deckhouse, essentially gutting the accommodation area, bridge and engine compartment.

One maintenance crew person was on board Casanova when the fire started but they were evacuated unharmed.

No spills or pollution were reported.

The fire department arrived on the scene but opted to let the fire burn itself out.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is being conducted by Colombian authorities.

Source: Splash 24/7

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