Interislander Arahura Ferry Undergoing Trails with Watered Down Fuel

Thursday / May 28, 2015

9c575cc6c2353e2675270aaf27bd1994Reports suggest that the Interislander Arahura ferry is undergoing trials of a Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE) system in one of the auxiliary engines of the vessel.

The Arahura is going to test a watered down version of diesel fuel supplied by Blended Fuel Solutions NZ Ltd. (BFSNZ).

The technology enables diesel-oil coated water droplets to be converted into steam through a process of blowing apart, resulting in the creation of small fuel particles that demonstrate a more efficient level of burning. The mixing of water and oil is carried out with the help of an additive blended into the fuel along with water.

The current trial comes following a two-day trial carried out back in 2013, and is to be conducted during the following 3 months.

“Current results seem to point to the conclusion that it could not only contribute for reducing fuel consumption and emission levels but also provide for a significant cut in the costs department,” commented Malcom Sims, the project’s head engineer.

“The displayed results demonstrated a reduced level of both fuel consumption and amounts of emissions, thus leading to this current and far more thorough operational trial,” Sims elaborated.

The parties involved in the project are also exploring means of other alternative fuels like biofuels, but none of the proposed alternatives are on the FOE technology’s commercial advancement level.

“Now, Interislander is going to go through some careful analysis of the collected data with the help and guidance of our respective partners. While it is still too early to say, the demonstrated potential of the technology makes it highly probable for it to be integrated aboard our vessels,” Sims said.

All trial operations have received the support of EECA under the stipulations of a Technology Demonstration Project grant.

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