Japan Set to Further Increase Usage of LNG

Tuesday / June 23, 2015

Taiwan-to-Receive-LNG-Cargo-Next-WeekJapan, the world’s biggest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), is drawing up plans to get trucks and ships to use liquefied natural gas (LNG), partly to help cut carbon emissions but also to diversify energy sources in the freight sector for security reasons.

A draft report on energy policy discussed at the trade ministry on Thursday stressed the need for a greater variety of fuels to transport cargo and noted the growing international use of LNG and compressed natural gas (CNG) in the sector.

Ryo Minami, the ministry’s director of oil and gas, said that by expanding fuel in the distribution sector, they were aiming to improve their ability to respond in the occurrence of an energy crisis. If oil supplies are stopped distribution would also stop.

Gas has taken on added importance in Japan since the 2011 Fukushima disaster caused the shutdown of Japan’s nuclear power sector. Gas is now used more than 40 percent for electricity generation and LNG imports hit a record high of 89 million tonnes in the year to March, making Japan the world’s leading importer of LNG.

The usage of LNG would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 6.7 million tonnes per year which is roughly 0.5 percent of Japan’s total emissions.

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