Minor Services can Fix Major Problems

Tuesday / July 21, 2015

By Ajay Joseph

Asked to comment on the ship spare and accessory supply services in India, Ajay Joseph, Managing Director of Global Marine Supplies Company says that this particular business was growing even though there was a lot to be desired in its path to progress. He points out that we have a lot cumbersome procedures in India and many taxes of which quite a lot seem to be too complicated. “The procedures and paper work tend to cause delays,” complains Joseph, not to mention the taxes which actually make our services costlier.

Providing an example, he says that there are instances when importing a component that costs $300 dollars, a buyer has to incur an additional $200 dollars by way of taxes and incidentals. This is a cause for dissatisfaction and frustration, especially when someone needs to have a replacement and there is a real emergency around. Joseph cites his experiences in Singapore and Dubai where importing and exporting is so simple and fast. He says that it is the cumbersome procedures in India that causes irritation.

A need for good dry docks

Joseph rues the fact that India is in dire need of good dry docks. He observes, “There are really large vessels such as container ships and tankers calling at Indian ports currently. But we do not have the facilities to dry dock these types of vessels which is why we have no other alternative but to dock in countries like Singapore dry dock and Dubai Dry Docks.”

In Joseph’s opinion, if we managed to eliminate unnecessary formalities, Indian maritime sector would reap large scale benefits. Global Marine Supplies Company was launched in 1997 and it provides services such as ship chandelling, ship repairs, and technical supply. Joseph explains that the services provided by his firm sometimes seem very ordinary but are of vital importance to ships. Citing examples from his experience he says that he sometimes receives an emergency call to rectify a container or tanker leakage, or when a vessel has been grounded or when there is a satellite problem. Global Marine Supplies prides in fact that the company is ever ready to take up a challenge that stalls a ship even though the scope of the work may be very meager. “Money is not the sole motivation,” director of Global Marine Supplies asserts. “It is the satisfaction of finding a solution within our means and thus satisfying the immediate concern of the client that is the prime inspiration.”

(In a conversation with the Editor of SNM Events magazine. Mr. Ajay Joseph is Managing Director of Global Marine Supplies Company).

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