Statoil to Renovate the Njord A Platform

29th August, 2016

Statoil has announced that the Njord A platform which has arrived at Kværner Stord is set to be reinforced and renovated for production beyond 2030. . . Read More

Wartsila to Supply Re-Gasification System for Hoegh LNG Vessel

29th August, 2016

Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply the re-gasification system for an FSRU (Floating, Storage, Re-gasification Unit) conversion project that Höe. . Read More

ABS Publishes Guide for Certification of Offshore Access Gangways

29th August, 2016

ABS has announced the publication of The ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Access Gangways. The new Guide addresses certification for safety s. . Read More

Pioneering Spirit Removes Platform for Scrappage in North Sea

25th August, 2016

One of the world’s biggest ships has begun a new era for the North Sea oil and gas industry. The Pioneering Spirit, owned by Allseas, used its vast . . Read More

Maersk Highlander to Start Work in the North Sea

24th August, 2016

Lady Sponsor Gretchen H. Watkins, COO at Maersk Oil, has named Maersk Drilling’s newest asset at a ceremony at Invergordon, Scotland. Maersk Highlan. . Read More

ABS Initiates JIP to Increase Efficiency in Offshore Projects

22nd August, 2016

ABS convened industry partners in Houston to sign an agreement that outlines objectives for the second stage of a pioneering unified Joint Industry Pr. . Read More

Gibdock Records its Busiest Month in June

22nd August, 2016

Gibdock achieved its busiest month this year in the offshore market in June 2016, at a time when it is updating a series of management, safety and env. . Read More

Songa Rig Start Drilling for CO2 Gas in the Snohvit Field

11th August, 2016

The Songa Enabler drilling rig has started drilling a new injection well for CO2 gas on the Snøhvit field off the coast of Hammerfest. Next a product. . Read More

ABS Releases Guidance Notes on Design and Installation of Dynamically Installed Piles

11th August, 2016

ABS has published Guidance Notes that includes the first industry best practices on design methodology for dynamically installed piles. The new ABS G. . Read More

JN Port Begins Phase II Dredging

10th August, 2016

JN Port, which is India’s No.1 container terminal, has already started the Phase­ II dredging project of its existing 33.54 km long navigational ch. . Read More

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