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General Cargo Ship Catches Fire Off Masalembu Islands

19th February, 2016

The general cargo ship Lintas Belawan caught fire off Masalembu Islands in Indonesia. The fire erupted in engine room from short circuit in one of the. . Read More

Wood Group Initiates JIP to Provide Recommended Practice for Subsea Industry

19th February, 2016

Wood Group has invited interests from technology vendors to support a joint industry project (JIP) which aims to reduce subsea equipment failures in . . Read More

BMT Partners DPTI Australia to Redesign Ferries on River Murray

12th February, 2016

BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd  (BMT) a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has recently completed a design project for the South Australian Government. . Read More

AMSA Hosts Free Workshops for Fishing Vessel Owners

12th February, 2016

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is hosting free workshops in Queensland to assist commercial fishing vessel owners to understand futur. . Read More

DESMI OptiSaveTM on Board Ernest Jacob Vessels

11th February, 2016

DESMI has signed an agreement to install the energy saving system OptiSaveTM on board all the 11 vessels of Ernest Jacob. DESMI OptiSaveTM provides y. . Read More

Panamanian-Flagged Bulk Carrier ‘Christine B’ Underpaying Crew says ITF

10th February, 2016

The Greek-owners of the Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier Christine B have not only been underpaying its 19 Filipino crew, but putting their lives at ri. . Read More

Bechtel Announces Near Completion of LNG Projects on Curtis Island

10th February, 2016

Bechtel has announced that all three of its Liquefied Natural Gas projects on Curtis Island are now operational with Australia Pacific LNG exporting. . Read More

ICS Publishes Performance Table for 2015-2016

10th February, 2016

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has published its Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table for 2015/2016. The ICS Table provides an . . Read More

IMO Urges States to Ratify Compensation Treaty for HNS by Ships

9th February, 2016

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), together with the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) and the International Tan. . Read More

Energy Efficient Pumping Solutions from DESMI

8th February, 2016

DESMI has supplied energy efficient, in-line, vertical NSL centrifugal pumps for one of the world’s largest solar heating plants:  The Dronninglund. . Read More

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