Thousand of Livestock Perishes as Vessel Sinks

Tuesday / July 14, 2015

Ad_2871_7A livestock carrier is being reported to have sunk off the coast of the Gulf of Aden with thousands of animals perishing.

While 29 of the crew members were rescued 2 were still reported to be missing from the vessel, which was more than 30-year-old and was en route from Somali Regions to the United Arab Emirates when it sank due to bad weather conditions in the region.

A ship passing by was able to rescue the 29 crew members and a search for the missing 2 members was ongoing. It is reported that the vessel was carrying more than 3000 livestock and none seem to have survived.

Every year, millions of animals are exported to Middle Eastern markets from Somaliland, a country where animals vastly outnumber people.

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